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nice to meet you..."

I'm Jay - a professional photographer with over 25 years of experience.


I live in a village in Nottinghamshire with my husband and dog.  

Some random facts about me....

  • I love to travel and explore.   I was grossly disappointed on a visit to Moscow to find that Lenin was closed for his annual wash and brush up.

  • I love dogs.

  • All my cars have had names - my current car is called Giuseppe.

  • I am addicted to old black and white film noir movies, my favourite being Sunset Boulevard - I would love to recreate and photograph the opening scene where William Holden is floating dead in a swimming pool.  Watch this space!!!

  • People I would love to meet (or to have met):  Tim Walker, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Billy Wilder, Terry O'Neill.

  • I love Jack Skellington and Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas and take trips to Disney just to buy the merchandise.

  • I love wearing hats.

  • Like most photographers, I hate having my photograph taken.

I have to thank my dad for starting the ball rolling when I was a kid and eventually enabling me to have a career that I absolutely love - he had a wonderful post war German single lens reflex film camera - if I was lucky, he used to allow me to press the shutter button and wind on the film.  My dad taught me all about the technicals but left it to me to develop my own compositional style - he was an artist who produced amazing photographs and created beautiful things.


Fast forward a few years, I picked photography up again in earnest when I went to art college and the rest is history.  I  had many images printed in Amateur Photographer, which gave me no end of a boost and after a diverse working career - millinery, tailoring and acting - I finally felt confident enough to start my own photography business.  I've never looked back or been happier.  

These days I have evolved into a product photographer; I tend to take on less large corporate clients and instead concentrate on the small to medium enterprise.  I love the freedom this brings and the interaction with people who begin as clients and become friends.  It's great to have this kind of relationship, to bounce ideas together and to have fun.  I love to create images that you not only like but are in love with.



Iwan Sorecz, 1925 - 1994

Thank you, Tato