September 2020

Sadly there are more changes to the rules and now pubs and restaurants are going to be closing at 10pm - a bit of a strange rule to be fair and one that I really cannot understand why the Government have made.

The nightmare is that it will be having a knock on effect in lots of ways - loss of earnings for bar and restaurant staff due to shorter working hours, lower sales thus affecting beer, wine, spirit merchants and food suppliers -  and food photographers.

Still, we photographers are a bunch who can adapt to situations quickly and this month has been no exception for me.  I was pleased to welcome a new client from the auction world, who hired me to photograph his antique glass collection.  Unfortunately I can't reveal his name but I was incredibly happy to work for him!

After initial discussions, it was decided that they would be taken as dark images, which is my comfort zone, but for photographing glass is a difficult one.  The lighting has to be perfect so as not to collect light flares all over - and this is one of those instances where glass photographs better on a white backdrop.  Still, both I and my client were very pleased with the results and here are two of the practice pieces which I presented before working on my client's astounding collection.

The first is a reproduction 18th century wine bottle and the second is my own 18th century wine glass with double air twist stem.


July/August 2020

I've been struggling to find time to write a blog or news but just had to share some great news.

Not only have the last few weeks brought some new clients to my door but I have also been selected to be a Getty Contributor. 


This for me is a big deal as Getty are one of the most trusted names in stock photography and have a library of billions, if not trillions of images.  They have been in stock photography for 25 years now and own works by some of the most iconic photographers of the 20th and 21st century including Ernest Haas and Weegee (he and Margaret Bourke White are the reason for me owning and using a Speed Graphic!)


Needless to say, I have been shooting Getty assignments, hence the lack of enough hours in the day and once I have a large enough portfolio on there, things will start to ease and I should be able to pick my next jobs with more insight.  It's been a good excuse to dust off the macro lens and look at things with a slightly different perspective!  Here's a close up of a pineapple which you can find on my page on Getty!


Still in June!

Wow, things are really happening and I am so happy being busy!

This week, I've been photographing Daisy of Daisy's Doggy Delights.  Daisy is amazing!  She is in her teens, but trust me, I am certain she will go far in life.  I asked her what made her set up her own business and she said it all began when she wanted a Birthday Cake for her dog, Ted.  Unable to find what she wanted that was totally safe for Ted to eat, she made her own and it has all taken off from there.  Daisy offers a fabulous range of items from Birthday Cakes to Pupcakes (cup cakes!) with cream cheese icing to Carrot bites which are not only tasty, but great for your doggie's waistline too.  She uses the best ingredients, such as carrots, apples and fresh free range eggs with wholemeal flour.  Each of her items are lovingly handmade and beautifully packaged with some lines carrying a hand written greeting inside the box lid.


Daisy can be contacted:  By message to 07393 911165 

Her Facebook page can be found at: 

Click on the pink text above and it will take you straight to her page

June 2020


I am so pleased to be able to say I am back at work.  It seems like eons ago and I’ve missed my clients.  The sad part of all this are the businesses that will not be re-opening, some of them valued friends and clients.  My own husband is in redundancy – something we never thought would happen to a maintenance engineer.  I hope that all those who finds themselves in this situation are not without work for long.

I was incredibly fortunate to have my first post-Covid Personal Branding shoot very recently with the amazing people at ‘They Why In You’ who are experts in wellness and nutrition.  They make exercise into so much FUN and even I was incredibly tempted to join in.  Sarah and Pete are such lovely people – and they wrote a blog all about our time together, so here it is – their words are so much better than mine. 

Sarah and Pete’s contact details are included at the bottom and if you would like to invest in your health and are in the Nottinghamshire area, they run Group-Camps which look amazing – all the details can be found on their website.  Thank you for an amazing day, Sarah and Pete and all my best wishes for continued success with your business.

Say "Cheese!"

There are days when the “same-old” things happen…and then there those days that surprise and delight you!

Saturday 20th June, for us, was one of those “Surprise and Delight” days!


Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard to develop and bring new and exciting services to you all. Our current task has been to build relationships with the owners of some beautiful outdoor locations, so we can hold our outdoor exercise sessions. Unlike the traditional “BootCamps” which conjure up visions of lots of shouting and rolling huge tractor tyres around, our sessions (we like to call them “Group-Camps”), are a mixture of movement, exercise and an introduction to some mindfulness activities, (but try putting that as a title for an event, and you quickly run out of room on the page!). So the name “Group-Camps” was born!


With locations such as the beautiful Kings Park in Retford, (recognised as winning The Internationally acclaimed Green Flag award for the twelfth year), and The simply stunning grounds of The Thoresby Estate, we have had some great up-take by people and we are all looking forward to beginning our first session at Thoresby on Monday 29th June at 10am.  We are also working on more locations even as I type, so stay tuned.


What made this particularly awesome is @jayphotography reached out with a great idea to work together on a  photoshoot, in order to help us promote ourselves, services and events we have to offer.


We eagerly accepted and Saturday morning saw us all meeting (socially distanced of course), to begin the photoshoot.


Jay immediately put both Sarah and I at ease, and before we knew it, we were laughing, smiling, and all our nerves had disappeared thanks to her professionalism. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, we still had dog walkers and people wandering by, all out to enjoy the estate grounds . Many of them began giving us quizzical looks as we were jogging on the spot, or holding a lunge position so Jay could get a series of shots, but they quickly got the idea behind what we were doing and smiled, some even giving us a few encouraging comments along the way.


Two hours flew by and we had some awesome shots, we’d enjoyed ourselves and giggled uncontrollably, all thanks to the dynamic we had developed during the shoot with Jay and her husband.


The point I’m getting to is that is was lovely to be outside again, and even though the reality of social distancing may well be with us for a good while, it didn’t prevent us from having a safe gathering and also having great fun.


So with all those images of fun and of us giggling fresh in your minds, we invite you to check out our social media for all the up-to-date information and news on our classes and services, and come and get involved.


From us to you all, have a great day.



A huge thanks to Jay, visit her website at ... (well, you're here!)

Sarah and Peter can be found at their website:

on Facebook at:

via email at:

Towards the end of May 2020


Finally, we are all beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and things are easing slowly.  I am fortunately allowed back to work so that is fantastic news.  Whilst we cannot have parties and gather for large weddings and funerals, we can now begin to meet with our friends, albeit outdoors and whilst maintaining social distance.  Some photographer friends of mine have been busy taking images through Facetime on their I-phones and I think that between us all, we have glazed the eyes of many with myriads of images of our gardens, pets, the sky, more sky, the moon, more moons, and if we are lucky enough, children.  My time with the camera has been a little different in that I have been trying new processes and dusting off my film cameras and regretting bitterly the loss of my own darkroom. I now have copious rolls of film waiting for processing and I had quite forgotten the excitement to see what comes back from processing.  At the risk of showing my age, I paid my way through University by working in my photography lecturer's shop, developing film, dodging and burning and restoring old photographs.    Those were the days.

I am planning on incorporating film into my work, so watch this space.

April 2020

One of the good things about being in lockdown is that you finally have time to do all the little things that you have been putting off for ages - time to reassess your physical portfolio being one of them.  I normally have a sheaf of 8 x 10 prints which I always take with me to prospective clients, as holding a physical print is a much better way of displaying your work. 

Recently, I was offered the fantastic opportunity to trial a Professional Line Photobook by the very wonderful Saal Digital Fotoservice GmbH - you can find them here:  or on social media #saaldigital

I was imediately impressed by the many different options that were available and it did take me a while to decide which would make the best portable portfolio.  As a fan of square images, I eventually chose the 30 x 30 square Professional Line Photobook, which is handmade!  A contemporary thick acrylic cover is a unique feature of the photobooks and you can then choose from linen, wood, leather etc to compliment.  I chose black leather for a clean, minimalist look.

Photo book cover.jpg

The pages are thick and luxurious and can be produced in either a high quality matte or glossy finish.  Portfolios always look amazing in a gloss finish and Saal's ultra high gloss certainly does not disappoint - in fact it is so beautifully glossy, it was hard to photograph!!

Book page.jpg

Colours are crisp and fresh, beautiful to look at and I really look forward to taking this book with me to meetings in the future.  The whole creation process was extremely easy too and you really don't need a degree in design to make a stunning looking set of pages.  

I cannot begin to say how impressed I am with my book, I absolutely love it and I really do think the quality of the printing and presentation is second to none.

I would highly recommend Saal for all your image printing to all, whether you are a new photographer, a seasoned amateur or professional - for the following reasons:

Extreme ease of ordering and creation processes

The staff are lovely and are very quick to respond to any question

The sheer quality of their products is outstanding

The care taken in manufacturing and the perfect end product

The way that your order is overseen by a human before being sent out (not churned out by machine and sent any old how)

The fact that this product was handmade

The quick return of your product - this took approximately one week from ordering to receipt

The extremely competitive prices of the products (especially considering the high quality)

Did I mention the lovely staff?

All in all, a wonderful experience, a fantastic opportunity to trial this photobook - thank you so much Saal - and a portolio I can be very proud of.  Thank you!

23 March 2020

This is a post I never ever thought I would have to make.  Sadly, in view of today's news regarding Covid-19, we are entering into a new and dangerous phase in our lives.  The country has been placed into lockdown and therefore, Jay Photography is now temporarily closed for business.

This last year has been a bit of a roller coaster ride - taking the decision not to offer any more wedding photography and moving into the realms of product has been one of the best decisions I've made.  I do miss taking portraits, but these are not off the menu entirely and will more than likely make a reappearance when this is all over!

I've had an absolute blast working with some amazing clients recently and loads of fun along the way. We've produced some fabulous images which I am very proud of and which have been extremely well received.

Its been a pleasure getting to know you and to all my clients, past and future, please stay safe and look forward to seeing you on our return.  Take care x